To Generation Z … We will be defined as the generation that lived outside of the box, the generation that took risks and was daring enough to compete with the limits set upon us. We will create opportunities for collaboration rather than competition. Let us break youth stereotypes and end the hate and hurt. At times of anger, frustration and fear, we will not back down. We will stand up and speak up. We have freedom of speech to use our voice, to be the voice for those who have not yet found theirs. We will ignite conversations to bring change. 

Ignite is not just a campaign, it is a movement.

“The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people.”

– Unknown

The thoughts expressed in the pieces are solely of the writers; pieces have been edited for grammar and spelling, however the ideas and messages remain untouched.


Our story

Ignite is a non-profit, social good project founded by Anna Zhang, the founding editor-in-chief of Pulse Spikes. Anna is currently 17 years old and resides in New York. While still attending public high school, Anna has established a name for herself in the industry as an accomplished photographer, directing campaigns for renowned brands and celebrity photoshoots. Anna founded Pulse Spikes in 2015 as a publication that redefines the media. Pulse Spikes is an online and quarterly print magazine made by young people for young people. The publication introduces young visionaries to the world and provides a platform for creatives to share their talents.

Ignite is a rolling, community-based platform that shares the stories of creative individuals and their thoughts and experiences on topics usually not covered by the media. Some of these fields include self love and breaking stereotypes.