The women [around me] were really supporting me and I thought “Wow, how much I’ve grown in this year because I’ve had the support [of a community of women] … almost like they were carrying me through everything I needed to go through and helping me.”

Zoe Renee is an actress from Atlanta, GA who can be seen in BET’s The Quad. Zoe shares her story of determination, following her dream of becoming an actress, and the power of a community of women as part of the #ICanIgnite series.

Zoe Renee (2) Zoe Renee (3)

I think it’s easy to tear [people] down. But what really is powerful is a group of like-minded women and strong women that are ready to prove everybody wrong … All of my costars on [The Quad] have shown me that women together are so much stronger than women apart.

Photos by Brian Love