IGNITE Workshop at Covenant House New York

Thanks to the Disney Be Inspired Grant, our team was able to hold a creative workshop for the youth at Covenant House in New York. The youth created paintings and vision boards while in conversation with young photographers and writers from our team.

We wanted to share how these youth plan to move forwards and achieve their goals despite their obstacles. We asked them two questions:

If you could forgive anyone, who would you forgive?
What are you looking forward to?

“I’m going to forgive myself because I’m super hard on myself and I’m always trying to achieve the next thing. I go so hard that I forget to celebrate, so I forgive myself for not celebrating the small things.

I look forward to new light and new beginnings. I look forward to the unknown. I also look forward to gaining more confidence as I go into the unknown, and I also look forward to other people having an awakening, like coming into their own.”

  • C.C.

“I’m going to forgive myself for letting myself down during middle school and high school, learn from my mistakes, and turn the negative into positive. So now I have three jobs and I’m going back to school.

I’m all into art and creativity and positive things that makes me move forward, like music. Love music because I get to vent myself and express my feelings.”

  • Lucky


By Anna Zhang

Special thanks to Ana Sandoval and Paula Torres