Throughout my life I have faced many challenges. Growing up in a tough family situation and also struggling with depression, I often found myself feeling very alone and without a place to call home. This led me to discover my passion for music. Loving to sing my whole life, I first sang on a stage when I was in third grade. From that point forward, music became my outlet. It enabled me to express myself, free my mind, and understand my emotions in a positive way. It became the one thing that was constant in my life. If nothing else I always knew that I would have music, and hoped that one day it would be the very thing to help me remove myself from the toxic environment I was in.

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Not only did creating music help me, but so did listening to it. For as long as I can remember I’ve found nostalgia and understanding in music. I’ve searched for songs to match my mood, my feelings, or to help me understand things I hadn’t even experienced yet. I think that is one of the most beautiful things about it: there are no limits and every feeling has been expressed through it. Sometimes just by simply turning on a more upbeat song, or hearing words sung that express exactly what you’ve been feeling is enough to change your entire outlook on a situation. Music has always been there for me when I’ve felt misunderstood or alone.

While recording my EP and writing all of my newest songs, this became my goal with my own music: to write songs that people could find a home in, that people could relate to. Along with music I am also extremely passionate about helping others, and what better way to use my creative outlet than as a way to help others fighting through their own struggles? I truly feel that music and lyric writing is the most authentic way I have to express myself and nothing could possibly make it better than knowing I am impacting people with it.

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While writing “Another World” my goal was to be as raw and open as I could. Everyone has their bad days and everyone feels hopeless at some point in their life. Sometimes more than just “some points.” Every person in this world is dealing with something. Fighting a battle internally or externally, myself included. It’s so easy to feel alone in those situations and I wanted to make it clear that nobody is. “Another World” is about the times when life has become too much and all you want is an escape from the madness. A quiet place where you can’t hear any of the worries that trouble your mind. The stress and anxiety that can become so overwhelming.

Give a listen to Taylor Belle’s “Another World” below.

Written by Taylor Belle